Swedish Boiserie

Fireproof Swedish panels on an aluminum profile

The basis of Swedish panels Cosca is Gypsum-bonded particleboard. Gypsum-bonded particleboards differ from analogues (MDF, chipboard, natural wood) with high strength, durability, preservation of geometry throughout the period of use. They are not influenced by temperature fluctuations and moisture.

Panels finishing is the fine-line veneer, or the reconstructed veneer. It is made by special technology from soft wood species. 100% imitation of natural wood with preserving the beauty and elegance of the pattern of fibers. We offer rich color range of Fine-line veneer — more than 50 natural shades of wood.

Veneered panels are varnished with various types of high-quality varnishes — from glossy to matte.
The dimensions of the panels can vary. Limitation of the maximum size of the sheet is 3,000 x 1,200 mm.

Product Features:

  • — Fire resistance. G1 Class of fire safety;
  • — Easy installation;
  • — Variety of finishes and configurations;
  • — Aesthetics: imitation of natural wood;
  • — Individual design. Any sizes;
  • — Project management “on a turn-key basis”: from drawings to installation;
  • — European quality at an affordable price;
  • — High heat and sound insulation indicators;
  • — Strength, durability, preservation of geometry;
  • — Moisture resistance;
  • — Environmental friendliness.
Design with imitation of natural veneer structure creates a unique Scandinavian style - a strict minimalism in eco spirit.
Thanks to the high fire safety indicators, Swedish decorative panels are an excellent option for decorating public spaces: halls, lobbies, parlors, hotels, restaurants, educational institutions, shopping centers, polyclinics, hospitals.
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