Perforated HDF panels

Finishing material from HDF for the manufacture of furniture facades, suspended ceilings, interior partitions, etc. HDF Homanit, a high-quality European raw material, is used for manufacturing of Locatelli perforated panels. The perforation process is done on a coordinate-punching press. It is a special press designed for punching, cutting, forming and stamping sheet materials. The factory is equipped with all necessary equipment to make the production process fast and flexible and to meet the specific requirements of customers.

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Catalog of the Locatelli HDF-panels includes several collections, grouped according to the type of finish - Laccato (with finishing), Grezzo (without finishing), Legno (veneer), Rivestito (bilateral), Metallizzato (aluminum style). 18 perforations are available for each type of finishing.
Locatelli HDF-panels are used in the manufacture of furniture facades, doors of sliding-door wardrobes, office and sound-proof partitions, suspended ceilings and manufacturing of trading equipment. A universal color palette of panels allows to integrate them into any interior.

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