Bamboo wallcovering

Bamboo wallcovering is an unusual, energetically favorable, natural, environmentally friendly and durable material that is suitable for decorating any interior. The bamboo wallcovering is made with the use of manual labor from bamboo, rattan, coconut palm and cellulose.

This unique material can be used for decoration of walls and ceilings, furniture facades, cladding surfaces and bath screens.

To decorate the joints and frame the edges of the bamboo and palm wallcovering, as well as to fix it better, we suggest using a system of profiles and pyramids made of bamboo.

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The Cosca A’miro bamboo wallcovering is represented by bamboo, palm and rattan collections. The lamellas of the wallcovering have a width of 3 to 17 mm. The basis is a special gauze fabric, on which lamellas stripes are glued. All colors are obtained naturally, without the use of coloring materials. They are easily painted with any type of paint. Installation is carried out with a special glue and does not require any special skills.
With the help of bamboo wallcovering, you can decorate not only walls, but also ceiling, furniture, bathrooms, loggias and interior items. This is due to the universality of colors and such properties of natural materials as moisture resistance and wear resistance.
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