Coconut and wooden mosaic

Coconut mosaic is made by hand from coconut shell-one of the most solid natural materials that can withstand mechanical impact.

It is an environmentally friendly natural, strong, durable, moisture resistant and is absolutely safe for health.

Wooden Mosaic

A specially processed precious hardwood (avocado, mahogany, jackfruit) is used for the manufacture of wooden mosaic.

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The basis of the mosaic collection is represented by coconut mosaic. It is made by cutting squares out of coconut shell and fixing them with natural resins. The Cosca collection of natural mosaic includes products from wood and coconut. The color schemes are brown, beige, white and shades.
Coconut mosaic is suitable for decoration of different types of interiors, from the bedroom to the bathroom. Coconut grows in a tropical humid climate, so it perfectly withstands contact with water and serves for a long time. Mosaic is used not only for decorating rooms, but also for decorating interior items.
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