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El Vizio in Russia is represented by furniture boards and facades with a natural coating made of environmentally friendly materials (bamboo, rattan). The use of furniture boards in the finishing furniture and decorative items for the interior has gained popularity due to three main criteria: obvious practicality, convenience in operation and accessibility for the consumer. The standard procedure for manufacturing the European quality product in Russia includes compliance with all the production process technologies. Each stage of manufacturing of the El Vizio Furniture panels is performed by European technologies, and most importantly — on specialized Italian equipment.

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The catalog of El Vizio furniture boards is represented by 12 matte and glossy colors: wenge, walnut, fumed oak, brown oak, white mother-of-pearl, white, milk, purple-gray, French gray, quartz, blue topaz, light rose (it is possible to order any color of the RAL catalog). The coating material is natural bamboo (7 and 3 mm) and rattan.
El Vizio furniture panels are convenient for use, due to their homogeneous texture and good natural and pastel colors. They can be used for decoration of cabinets, chests of drawers, bedroom sets, kitchen facades, children's furniture.
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