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Ecopolymer is a high-tech polymer, its formula includes pure and recycled polystyrene and natural oils (natural plasticizer). Contains a minimum of chemical raw materials, thanks to a large volume of air, which makes it safe for people and pets. Low weight, reliable strength and rigidity guarantee impact resistance. Simple installation with a universal glue or screws will make repairs easy and enjoyable.

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Professional range of interior decor from eco-polymer includes high-strength cornices, floor skirting boards, moldings, corners. Ecopolymer is a stable material; products from it retain the original geometry throughout the life of the product.
Cosca Ecopolymer stucco decoration is suitable for all types of interiors. It is an ultra-strong material that can be used for areas with very high traffic. It will always delight users with its excellent shape. Due to the fact that the products can be painted with water-based paints, they are suitable for the implementation of any design idea.
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