Decorative girders and beams

Cosca Newline decorative girders and beams are made of polymer and have a number of advantages over wooden analogues.
They have a small weight. It is the ease of the finished product that creates a lot of extra advantages during the installation: girders and beams are fast fixed on any flat surface, firmly and quickly fastened with special glue or screws. The products are not rotting and not afraid of moisture. Are much cheaper than girders made of natural wood. U-shaped inner mold allows to hide seams, bumps and wiring.

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Cosca Newline brand catalog includes a collection of architectural beams and a collection of decorative girders in 8 colors. Their peculiarity is that the beam is created using the Corstone innovative anti-vandal technology. The proportions are calculated according to the principles of the legendary “golden section”, which has a beneficial effect on the aesthetic perception of the geometry and design of products in general, giving it harmony and beauty. A bar of the XIX century, found during the expedition to the Arkhangelsk region, was used for creation of master-models. Except girders and beams, the Newline catalog includes additional elements for interior design: consoles, belts and boards. All products are perfectly matched by colors and finishes.

All Cosca Newline products are presented in natural colors, allowing them to be used in interiors of different styles and directions. Today eco-design is more popular than ever - girders and beams can be used in decorating interiors in the style of loft, Provence, country, Scandinavian and others.

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