Natural wallpaper

Cosca Natural wallpaper from veneer, bamboo and stone

Cosca D’ecolingi Natural wallpaper is a unique and environmentally friendly product. The basis of the wallpaper is high-quality interlining and paper. Wallpapers are made of a variety of materials: natural stone, reed, fine jute fiber, Chinese nettle, cotton thread, sisal, linen yarn and so on. Natural materials are applied to wallpaper by interlacing or by gluing. Often materials are combined. Wallpapers made from natural materials have a number of advantages: good air permeability, sound absorption, thermal insulation, absolute ecological compatibility.

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Cosca D’ecolingi Wallpapers catalog is represented by 4 collections: Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn. The width of the roll of wallpaper - 910 mm, for wallpaper with a veneer of precious hardwoods - 970 mm. Roll length - 5.5 r.m./10 r.m. Each collection is a unique combination of natural ingredients and original colors.
Cosca D'ecolingi Natural wallpaper is suitable for almost all types of interiors. A wide range of colors and natural minimalism makes this wallpaper a universal decorative and decorative material.

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