Baguettes, skirting boards, moldings and panels

Cosca Art interior baguette is designed for decoration of interior elements, furniture, framing of doorways, windows, as well as for masking joints. The combination of polystyrene and charcoal makes the product safe and preserves the ecological properties of the interior. Original patterns and ornaments, as well as a range of shades of different types of wood, from light to saturated dark, will give the interior refinement and elegance.

We present to your attention the whole collection of Cosca Art stucco decoration in the same style; by using it you can decorate the walls from the ceiling to the floor.

Simple installation, which can be done even by a non-professional, allows to implement original design solutions without damaging the walls.

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”Travertine”, ”Hermitage”, ”Ionic”, “Vienna Wood”, “Antique”, “Scandinavia” collections of the Cosca Art catalog include various types of stucco decoration: ceiling skirting boards, cornices, corners, borders, moldings, baguettes and skirting boards - totally about 800 items. Frame baguette and decorative panels are available for the decoration of specific elements of the interior. Also, Cosca Art stucco can be used to decorate furniture and other elements of the interior.
The Cosca Art stucco decoration is suitable for both classical interiors and interiors in the popular eclectic style. Combine different types of stucco decoration to create a single, harmonious design.
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